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The Enderby & District Museum and Archives is a not-for-profit organization, which is dependent on the generosity of individuals, community organizations, government, and granting agencies to help us to preserve, exhibit and share the cultural heritage of our community.

The City of Enderby and the Area F Services Committee contribute in part to the annual operating costs. For this we are most grateful. The remaining funds necessary to operate the museum and archives come from museum fundraisers organized by the Board of Directors.

Your donation makes a difference!

Individual donations from members of the society help us to cover special projects and exhibits.

Your cash donations allow us to create new exhibits, develop engaging public programs, maintain and upgrade our museum, care for our collections, and ensure we have staff to oversee the operations.

We would like to encourage you to invest in your museum and archives by indicating a project at the museum that especially appeals to you, and we will see that your money is spent for that purpose.

For example, you could specify that your donation goes towards conservation and the purchasing of an acid free hollinger box and acid-free tissue for storing clothing and other textiles (it costs us $120 per box).

Or you could support our conservation program by purchasing an acid free hollinger box and acid free file folders for storing textual records (it costs us $25 per box).

In the archives department, our maps are deteriorating - perhaps you wish to help us preserve them with acid-free tape and Mylar (it costs us $30 per map). Or maybe you would like your funds to finance the preservation and copying of photographs (every photo costs $20 to document, store, copy and print).

We would be especially pleased if you wish to make a donation in memory of a friend, family member or loved one who has recently passed away. We will contact the family to let them know of your donation. And we will place their name in our In Memoriam list on the wall in the museum and on the website.

One way to ensure continued support of the Enderby & District Museum & Archives is to make a bequest of a specific monetary amount, set up a charitable gift annuity, or simply include us as part of your will. Continued funding goes a long way to help us fulfill our mandate of preserve and share the ongoing history of Enderby & District. Please remember that we can issue a tax deductible receipt for every donation over $25.00.

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