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The museum currently holds about 7,700 photographs in its collection and many of them have been digitized. Of special interest are photos of the forest industry, First Nations, local events, farming, school classes, and local families. Photographers George Meeres, Merlin Dunwoodie, Erskine Burnett, and C.W. Holliday are well represented. For a preview of some of the photographs from our collection, please visit Digitized Okanagan History.

The Enderby Museum & Archives is pleased to provide you with copies of requested photographic images. If these images are being used for purposes other than that of private/academic research or personal enjoyment, then the following conditions must be met:

Permission to use the image is granted on a one time only basis and with the understanding it will not be reproduced for re-sale or deposited in another repository. The image must not be altered in any way and any subsequent use of the image will require additional fees and/or a second letter of permission.

If the image is being used for publication, film or slide presentation, or for any purpose other than private research or enjoyment, the Enderby Museum must be credited. Each photograph must include "Courtesy of the Enderby & District Museum & Archives."